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By Ralph Sal Biscaglia.

I am updating and upgrading the U.S.A. English language for a more quality and prosperous life.
I do this by reoccurrencing words more often.

Correct the U.S.A English Language

Add 29% to your success spelling the word success this way: suqsess.

"Using the wrong letters is like putting the wrong oil in your engine."

The way the word correct is spelled in is proof of how difficult it is to stay correct in the U.S.A can help Social Security Benefits, Retirement insurance, Disability because of Taxes.

The U.S.A English Language can be a Utopian Language.

If there is any difficulty understanding, go to page 4

  • The next word you hear, speak, see or write down really can invalidly manipulate your way of thinking. 
    Brain cell (neuron) speeds range from 60 M.P.H to 220 M.P.H.
  • Every letter has a different and its own brain cell (neuron) speed and every word does too. 
    The U.S.A English language is an angry and crusading language and it worked from the 13 colonies to the 50 states. 
  • Now that there are permanent borders the U.S.A is angry and crusading against itself because words are misspelled and outdated because of technology. 
  • To correct the U.S.A English language and prevent temper problems and prevent anger problems and prevent high blood pressure and increase reocurrencing customers to your store and increase revenue circulation; I Ralph Sal Biscaglia plan on changing important words, starting with the letters  C and K and also in the word itself to the letters q or s.
  • This can also reduce addictions because of the manipulation of misspelled words that cause stress, anxiety and anger that causes addictions.

I Ralph Sal Biscaglia. D.O.B August 16, 1962 a.d. (born two weeks early) have traded or bartered with close to 2 thousand similar copies and close to 1 thousand near the same copies and at least 6 years of advertisement and not one complaint about advertisement.

U.S.A. is in debt to China 1.2 Trillion dollars as of August 2017 A.D.


U.S.A. is in debt to Japan 1.22 Trillion dollars as of August 2017 A.D.

can do = r = 42%
qan do = r = 58%


Neutrality = 10 letters
Neutrallity = 11 letters

10 = Conduct in the Chinese book of changes I Ching
11 = Peace I Ching

Has the population of the world been as
Educated and Healthy in history?

A gift of 1.00 dollars
to yourself.

A gift of 5.00 dollars
to yourself.

A gift of 10.00 dollars
to yourself.

A gift of 20.00 dollars
to yourself.

A gift of 100.00 dollars
to yourself.

A gift of 7,000.00 dollars
to yourself.

A gift of 10,000.00 dollars
to yourself.

A gift of 20,000.00 dollars
to yourself.

When you give to you get a tax write off. Example: Occupational Sales etc.

The vastness of the USA constitution protects the people in the USA.

If every person that went to, would talk about to one person a month, would be accomplished in 5 months. 800,000 views.

Accomplished = r = 43%
Aqqomplished = r = 60%
Big Difference

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