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Some words are spelled perfectly. Trust = r = 100%

There are more words that need to be corrected: 

Democracy=r=33% Remoqrasy=r=67% * (See note below)
Compact=r=57% Qompaqt=r= 86%
Car=r=33% Qar=r=67%
Care=r=25% Qare=r=50%
Concern=r=57% Qonsern=r=75%
Currency=r=50% Qurrensy=r=75%
Cash=r=25% Qash=r=50%
Peace=r=20% Pease=r=40%
Clean=r=40% Qlean=r=60%
City=r=25% Sity=r=50%
County=r=67% Qounty=r=83%
Park=r=50% Parq=r=75%
Cooperate=r=56% Qooperate=r=67%
Think=r=40% Thinq=r=60%
Conduct=r=57% Qonduqt=r=86%
Coordination=r=58% Qoordination=r=67%
Couch=r=40% Qouqh=r=80%
Comply=r=67% Qomply=r=83%
Complete=r=63% Qomplete=r=75%
Sincere=r=43% Sinsere=r=57%
Discipline=r=40% Dissipline=r=50%
Security=r=50% Sequrity=r=63%
Comfortable=r=56% Qomfortable=r=64%
Concentrate=r=56% Qonsentrate=r=89%
Patience=r=38% Patiense=r=50%
For Real Estate Value
Reticence=r=33% Retisense=r=56%
Tolerance=r=56% Toleranse=r=67%
Respect=r=57% Respeqt=r=71%
Thank=r=40% Thanq=r=60%
Work=r=75% Worq=r=100%
Market=r=50% Marqet=r=67%
Balance=r=29% Balanse=r=43%
Protect=r=71% Proteqt=r=86%
Agriculture=r=67% Agriqulture=r=78%
Caution=r=57% Qaution=r=71%
Domestic=r=50% Domestiq=r=63%


Calm=r=50% Qalm=r=75%
Success=r=57% Suqsess=r=86%
Luck=r=50% Luq=r=100%

 * Remoqrasy, the same as Democracy and reoccurrences Democracy more often than usual.

Has the population of the world been as
Educated and Healthy in history?

A gift of 1.00 dollars
to yourself.

A gift of 5.00 dollars
to yourself.

A gift of 10.00 dollars
to yourself.

A gift of 20.00 dollars
to yourself.

A gift of 100.00 dollars
to yourself.

A gift of 7,000.00 dollars
to yourself.

A gift of 10,000.00 dollars
to yourself.

A gift of 20,000.00 dollars
to yourself.

When you give to you get a tax write off. Example: Occupational Sales etc.

The vastness of the USA constitution protects the people in the USA.

If every person that went to, would talk about to one person a month, would be accomplished in 5 months. 800,000 views.

Accomplished = r = 43%
Aqqomplished = r = 60%
Big Difference

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