Letter to the Nobel Peace Prize committee in Sweden.

Updating and Upgrading the USA English language, can make the USA English language the most popular language in the world, because of the utopian level that the USA English language can be from r=67% to r=100%. R= Reoccurrencing Potential Percentage.
r=Quality of the word, because of the word reoccurrencing more often. Words like suqsess = r = 86% instead of 57% and words like suqsessfull = r = 80% instead of r = 60% and accomplishments = r = 81% instead of r = 66%. The popularity of these kind of words, that are respelled to a utopian level of spelling, attract millions of people to the USA and that means lots of extra money, in the millions of dollars and billions of dollars and lots more money that could add up to extra trillions of dollars for your state to tax and the USA government to tax for social security people.

Organization = r = 50%
Organisation = r = 58% (British Spelling)

Globalization = r = 46%
Globalisation = r = 46% (British Spelling)

If you belive in and you want tthe USA to get a Nobel Peace Prize. Write to or Fax or Phone or Email:

Norwegian Nobel Committee
Henrik Ibsens Gate 51
0255 Oslo

Swedish Nobel Committee
PO Box 2118
S.E. -103 13 Stockholm

Phone +46-(0)8-555-12500
Fax +46-(0)8-555-12549

Visiting Address:
Källargränd 4
111 29 Stockholm, Sweden

  • Solar Power.

    373,807 Solar Power workers compared to 187,117 workers in fossil fuels.
  • Super Computer Award.

    The USA won the super computer award. China won the super computer award last time. 3 new molecules per minute to cure ozone problems and diseases.
  • Anti Aging Enzyme.

    There is an enzyme that stops the body from aging, that scientists found.
  • Successful = r = 60%
    Suqsessful = r = 80%  Big Difference

    Accomplishments = r 65%
    Aqqomplishments = r = 80% Big Difference

  • Save the USA.
    Visit today.
  • Killer Super Volcano.
    Ancient Killer Super Volcano Stir Again 125 miles south of Rome Italy. If the super volcano erupts 500,000 people would be devastated.
    - Lincoln Nebraska Newspaper.
  • Sister Cities or town twinning.

    • Used for Citizen Diplomacy network between the U.S. and other countries for support and funding.
    • More than 2,000 cities and states and counties have partnered in 136 countries. St Petersburg Russia holds the record for sister cities or town twinnings.
    • European Union supports town twinning established in 1995 a.d. In 1995 a.d. the European Union had more than 7,000 bilateral relationships involving almost 10,000 European municipalities primarily French and German.
    • A sister city can be very dangerous if their country is provoked or destroyed.
  • If you made 20,000 dollars a year in the last 3 years, 20,000 x 3 = 60,000 dollars, you lost 12,000 dollars without
  • There will be only 35 states in the U.S.A. in the year 2025 a.d.
    - U.S.A. Today newspaper
  • India has 800 nuclear weapons. China has 500 nuclear weapons.
    - U.S.A Today newspaper
  • Ten years ago U.S.A was warned about having too many killer satellites.
  • Learn from number 1 instead of arguing with number 1 and become number 1 anyway.
  • India has a severe drought going on 350 million people are suffering.

    India is a commonwealth country like Russia England Canada Australia New Zeeland and Pakistan and the Ukraine are also commonwealth countries. The U.S.A. has 4 commonwealth states Pennsylvania, Virginia, Kentucky and Massachusetts. Commonwealths are 1/4 the population of the world and 1/4 of the land of the world.
  • When you give to you are helping the USA get a Nobel Peace Prize.

    You also get to remember the Utopian Level of the USA English language. The way life can be in the USA with And the USA English language can be the most popular language in the world.

Has the population of the world been as
Educated and Healthy in history?

A gift of 1.00 dollars
to yourself.

A gift of 5.00 dollars
to yourself.

A gift of 10.00 dollars
to yourself.

A gift of 20.00 dollars
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A gift of 100.00 dollars
to yourself.

A gift of 7,000.00 dollars
to yourself.

A gift of 10,000.00 dollars
to yourself.

A gift of 20,000.00 dollars
to yourself.

When you give to you get a tax write off. Example: Occupational Sales etc.

The vastness of the USA constitution protects the people in the USA.

If every person that went to, would talk about to one person a month, would be accomplished in 5 months. 800,000 views.

Accomplished = r = 43%
Aqqomplished = r = 60%
Big Difference

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